Electrified Palisade Systems

Monitored electrified fencing systems can be installed to palisade fencing as a secondary addon to ensure a higher level of security.

Game Fencing

Game fencing is used to enclose areas where wild animals will be kept.

Free Standing Electric fencing

Free-standing electric fencing is used to enclose areas to protect property and/or human life.

Customized fencing

Customized fencing projects are where a client has a unique expectation to suit the property.

High Security Fencing

High-security fencing is better known as clear view type fencing.

This type of fencing is usually installed at premises with high value products to be safeguarded.

Camera Installations

We install analog camera systems and IP camera systems for business or personal use.

Gate Automations | Boom Gates & Turnstiles

We install garage and gate automation, turnstiles & boom gates


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